About us

Russian women are both mysterious and enigmatic, especially to Western men. Although they share many similarities with most women, they have a number of distinct characteristics. It isn't unsual for them to speak multiple languages, as they place a tremendous value on education.
These ladies are often highly cultured and well versed in literature, art, music and fashion. Russian ladies also tend to be exceptionally introspective, displaying a profound self appraisal, which includes both their strengths and weaknesses. They are also extraodinarily feminine in comparison to women living in Western Europe and the United States, which is a reflection of Russia's patriarchal, macho culture and their disdain for feminism. Put another way, Russian women are confident and composed without being overbearing.
Although Russian women are conservative outside the bedroom, inside it they are liberal and wild, very much so. In fact, when it comes to sheer sexual energy and drive Russian women match Brazilian ladies, who are legendary in their own right. Our agency is based in Europe and specializes in sexy Russian girls. They are available for travel around the EU, so contact us to arrange an appointment.